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KTTC Teachers and Students participate in Karen Nation Day Ceremonies

On February 11st, 2013, North KTTC (Karen Teacher Training College) participated in Karen Nation Day Celebrations, which took place in Ei Htu Hta Camp for IDPs (Internally Displaced People). Saw Th'Dah Mei who is currently a student at KTTC and is the representative from Maguey Tavoy District, shared his own feelings ... Read more ►

Monthly Competition for KTTC Students

On July 29, 2012, KTTC (Karen Teacher Training Collage) organized the second monthly competition for the students; this month it was a song competition. KTTC school teacher Th'ra Antonio said, "Mainly, we the teacher organize the competition for the students as we want them to use their skills, critical thinking and ... Read more ►