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Refugee Camp Mystery Fire Burnt, Killed Students, Teachers Includes Some Schools

Camp Needs Emergency Relief Mae Surin Karenni refugee which burnt by mystery fire on the 22nd May at 14:20PM till 17:30PM killed 37 people Included 15 students, 3 teachers, 2 education staff and injured more than 200 people. 1 middle school, 2 primary schools, 2 nursery schools and more than 400 ... Read more ►

Migrant Students Take University Entrance Exam

56 students from migrant school take university exam in Myawaddy form 13th March and the exam period will complete on the 22nd of March. In the exam, 29 male students and 27 female students sit an exam. Th'ramu Paw Ray, Burma Migrant Worker Education Committee (BMWEC) chairperson said, "We are hoping ... Read more ►

OKRSO Opened ToT Teacher Training

Oversea Karen Refugee Social Organization (OKRSO) opened ToT(Training of Trainer) in Klong Toei, in Bangkok on 10th March. The opening ceremony was held at Heart Convent School and more than 50 people were attended. Saw Hsiet Plong, a culture and literacy committee chairperson said, "Our objective is to let young ... Read more ►

TPC 2nd Graduation

TPC (Teacher Preparation Center) held their 2nd graduation on 26th February in Mae Pa, Mae Sot. In this ceremony 68 teachers graduated and are now ready to serve in their areas; 18 of them are Karen. Many leaders attended the event, including a minister from the Thai MoE (Ministry of ... Read more ►

Car Accident Damaged School Materials, A Child Died

A truck which carried Karen State Education Assistance Group (KSEAG) school materials got an accident on the 25th of February, it damaged some school materials and truck driver's child was dead in the accident. The accident happened around 06:00am on Tak-Maesot high way near the entrance to Maesot. h'ra Ko ... Read more ►

KTTC Teachers and Students participate in Karen Nation Day Ceremonies

On February 11st, 2013, North KTTC (Karen Teacher Training College) participated in Karen Nation Day Celebrations, which took place in Ei Htu Hta Camp for IDPs (Internally Displaced People). Saw Th'Dah Mei who is currently a student at KTTC and is the representative from Maguey Tavoy District, shared his own feelings ... Read more ►

Monthly Competition for KTTC Students

On July 29, 2012, KTTC (Karen Teacher Training Collage) organized the second monthly competition for the students; this month it was a song competition. KTTC school teacher Th'ra Antonio said, "Mainly, we the teacher organize the competition for the students as we want them to use their skills, critical thinking and ... Read more ►