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Karen Language Course

We welcome all to our Karen language course. We developed this course for foreigners working with the Karen people in refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. The course provides basic phrases for everyday use. You can also click the audio files to listen to the proper pronunciation. The course is organized into 15 sections.

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Karen Fonts

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K-Law font (57 KB) Karen font (25 KB) Karen 2 font (39 KB) Karen Saw Ba U Kyi font (48 KB)
Sawdagon font (49 KB) Sawhaka font (57 KB) Sawinlay font (53 KB) Sawkalaw font (56 KB)
Sawmu font (51 KB) Sawyan font (49 KB) Sawyand font (71 KB)

Karen English Dictionary (DRUM Publications)

This is the new, beta version of the Drum Reference of Sgaw Karen Language Database. Currently being developed, the goal is to create a comprehensive on-line reference tool where visitors can access a wide variety Sgaw Karen language resourses from a single web page.

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