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Monthly Competition for KTTC Students

Posted: July 31st, 2012

On July 29, 2012, KTTC (Karen Teacher Training Collage) organized the second monthly competition for the students; this month it was a song competition.

KTTC school teacher Th’ra Antonio said, “Mainly, we the teacher organize the competition for the students as we want them to use their skills, critical thinking and their own ability without just learning from the classroom and books. Competing in groups makes them less embarrassed, and helps them to become braver in front of other people.”

“Moreover, with this competition it gives them a skill to carry into their future life, for the most important thing for them is to sustain our traditions and tell others the positive issues about our tradition and culture through that competition.” He added.

There are many activities for the KTTC students to learn from on both the sites during their time in KTTC the school has organized monthly competition every school year. KTTC has the plan like every month will organize an interesting competition for the students on many different types of topics.

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