KTWG Teacher Training Manual

Central to all KTWG activities is our training manual, ‘In the Hands of Teachers’ which we developed and have been refining since 1998. The training manual and trainee’s guide, attempt to bring together modern educational theory with Karen cultural teaching-learning processes. The training manual provides instructions for the trainer as well as content and activity materials to be used during training workshops . The curriculum challenges teachers to reflect upon their classrooms and critically examine the feasability of new educational practices being introduced. You are welcome to download our manual. We ask that you contact us if you plan to use the manual for training teachers. We also welcome comments and suggestions about how we can improve the manual.

‘In the Hands of Teachers’ – Sgaw Karen version (PDF format)

Entire manual in Karen (1.7 Mb)
Participatory Methods for Trainers – Karen version (0.2 Mb)

‘In the Hands of Teachers’ – English version

Entire manual package in English (3 Mb)

or download by chapter/section: