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Refugee Camp Mystery Fire Burnt, Killed Students, Teachers Includes Some Schools

Posted: March 28th, 2013

Camp Needs Emergency Relief

Mae Surin Karenni refugee which burnt by mystery fire on the 22nd May at 14:20PM till 17:30PM killed 37 people Included 15 students, 3 teachers, 2 education staff and injured more than 200 people. 1 middle school, 2 primary schools, 2 nursery schools and more than 400 houses were destroyed by fire.

Saw Thaung Shwe, a camp resident said, “At first, we heard explosion and saw the smoke, then we rush to accident. We tried to stop fire burning but it was continually happened another house to another. Finally we had to give up.”

Right now, the camp needs emergency relief.

Naw Par Lweh, a Karenni Women Organisation(KnWO) said, “We are packing a gift from outsiders such as clothes, Pots, Mats and Blankets. Once the packs are enough for every house hold, then we will distribute to them. Why we have to do this way is to make clear that everyone get the same amount of gift without any concerning.”

Karenni Refugee camp #2 was established since 1992 in Kun Yuam district, Mae Hong Son Province and home to more than 3000 refugees.

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