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TPC 2nd Graduation

Posted: March 15th, 2013

TPC (Teacher Preparation Center) held their 2nd graduation on 26th February in Mae Pa, Mae Sot. In this ceremony 68 teachers graduated and are now ready to serve in their areas; 18 of them are Karen. Many leaders attended the event, including a minister from the Thai MoE (Ministry of Education), Tak Provence.

Mi No Thel Chan, who is Mon and just graduated as a teacher from the TPC said about her graduation, “Today day is the most exciting and happy day, but at the same time I feel so sad to leave all my colleges with whom I stayed with for 9 months. But at the same time I am looking very much forward share the skills that I have gained at the TPC with my community.”

Nan Pyu Aye, who is Shan also graduated this day said, “I never thought that I would receive the kind of honour in my life that university students get when they graduate – but I did! I appreciate it very much but it also reminds me of the heavy duty awaiting ahead.”

Representatives from a range of ethnic groups in Burma are attending the TPC. Those are the ethnic groups of Karen, Mon, Burman, Paao, Shan, Kayan, Lahu, Karenni, Kachin and Naga. Chin students will join the school in coming academic year.

The school is run by KTWG(Karen Teacher Working Group) and WE(World Education).
If new students want to join the school they will need a recommendation letter of an organization or a leader.

For coming students Nan Phyu Aye added, “I want to tell my colleges who willcome to attend this school that taking an education is not easy, it is hardship. The hardship also exist at home, but when we try hard we can go through hardship and reach our goals.”

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