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GBS and IHE Graduation

Posted: April 3rd, 2013

GBS(Global Border Study) and IHE(Institute of Higher Education) which run in Nu Poe Refugee Camp held their graduation ceremony yesterday. More than 100 people including parents and camp resident attended the event.

Naw Eh Wah Paw, who finished 2 years of study at GBS and undertook her internship with KTWG (Karen Teacher Working Group) for 1 year, expressing her experience to the crowd said, “Skills which I learnt from school was great but it was a little different while I was going to work with community organization. I’ve learnt more skills with community based organization such as Participatory, Ownership, Decision Making and Empowerment which are all necessary to promote the social change.”

Subjects that are taught at GBS and IHE are Peopling the Globe, Understanding Borders, Understanding Conflict, Conflict Transformation & Reconciliation, Development Education, Sustainable Development & Environment and the Service Learning Placement.

IHE school run in Mae La Oon, Mae Ra Moe, Mae La, Umphium and Nu Poe but there is only one GBS school in Nu Poe Camp and the school in Nu Poe was supported by Dundalk Institute, World Education and Karen Refugee Committee Education Entity. 12 students from GBS and 9 students from IHE graduated this year

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