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Ta’ang Summer Vacation Training Successfully Completed

Posted: May 6th, 2013

Ta’ang SVT (Summer Vacation Teacher Training) which organized in Namchang village, Lashio Township was successfully closed on the 4th May. In this training, thirty local Ta’ang teachers was attended the training.

Ashin U Sarsana, an abbot who organized SVT said, “I’m happy and proud to welcomed SVT in the monastery and it was very first time to see and observed.”
Due to different security reason, SVT training was held in monasteries and monks and Ta’ang Youth Organization take role of organizing and managing SVT.
Ashin U Sarsana continued saying that, “There are very few community schools in our area. Therefore, we had to run monastery school for rural children. We plan to open more community schools in the future but need to prepare Ta’ang teachers first.”

2013 first SVT was organized in Kyaukme before water festival and Namchan, Lashio area was second SVT. Third and last SVT will be organize at Hsipaw township in the second and third week of May.

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