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Community Safety Awareness Event (Mine Risk Eudcation)

Posted: September 21st, 2023

The importance of this Mine Risk Education has grown significantly in recent times, particularly after the 2021 coup, as incidents involving mines and explosive devices have increased due to ongoing conflicts and fighting.

The primary objective of the Mine Risk Education event was to empower the communities in the seven districts with knowledge on how to protect themselves from the risks associated with mines and to make them aware of various explosive devices they may encounter in their workplace. This knowledge is essential not only for safeguarding themselves but also for the safety of children, neighbors, and animals within the community. The community safety awareness event was organized by the Mobile Teacher Trainer (MTT) in cooperation with local education leaders across these seven districts.

On September 12, 2023, a community safety awareness event was held during one of the days of the school fellowship program. This event was focused on providing Mine Risk Education to the community. The community safety event took place at a school located in Kaw T’ree Township, Doo Pla Ya District. A total of four schools participated in the event, and it drew the participation of 247 schoolchildren, schoolteachers, parents, and school committee members.

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