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Community Mobilisation

Community Mobilisation

The program

While visiting schools and teachers, our mobile teacher trainers (MTT) engage with parents and communities to support children’s learning and around education issues more broadly.

We conduct parent education sessions to help parents, who may have limited education themselves, understand the value and benefit of education for their children. The sessions provide guidance for parents about how to best support their children’s learning and provide a forum to facilitate greater understanding between parents and teachers.

We also engage the communities we work in more broadly around education issues such as mother tongue language of instruction, decentralization and local curriculum. This work has been of particular importance in the current political environment in Burma. A number of policy decisions are being made which affect indigenous communities including around education. Our MTT take the opportunity to engage the community around these issues to better equip them to contribute and respond to the policy issues being discussed at the central government level.

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The Karen Teacher Working Group (KTWG) is a community-based organization working to improve access to and quality of basic education for ethnic Karen children in Karen areas of Eastern Burma since 1997.
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