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In Service Teacher Training

In Service Teacher Training

The program

KTWG’s Mobile teacher trainers (MTT) have been providing in service training for Karen teachers since 2001. MTT visit teachers in their schools, observe their classroom practices and provide support and feedback. Based on classroom observation and feedback from teachers MTT provide training in response to identified needs.

Short training sessions for teachers are organized during the school year. The major training is Summer Vacation Training, an intensive four week training for teachers during the school summer break.

Mobile teacher trainers provide much needed support and training for teachers who are often isolated in their communities. Even as the conflict in many Karen areas has recently subsided, the remoteness of many communities and long travel times involved in Karen areas, mean that it is difficult for teachers to assemble outside their communities to attend training, without significantly disrupting student learning.

The model also allows MTT to engage with communities and school management along with teachers.

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The Karen Teacher Working Group (KTWG) is a community-based organization working to improve access to and quality of basic education for ethnic Karen children in Karen areas of Eastern Burma since 1997.
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